The New Bugatti Bolide

Bugatti has taken its £2.5million Chiron road model and turned it into the ultimate racer that can hit 311mph in just 20 seconds.

The track-only model has been named the Bolide – which Bugatti says is French for ‘racing car’, and is powered by the quad-turbo W16-cylinder engine used in its current road car.

With weight shaved to a minimum and plenty of downforce, the Bolide has a whopping 1,825bhp and can lap the Le Mans circuit faster than the current crop of endurance racers, according to the manufacturer.

While the unit fitted to the track-ready model is the same eight litres in capacity as the road car, it gets four new turbochargers and an air-to-air intercooler to keep the engine temperature at optimum levels. The impact is a 346bhp increase in power over the ‘standard’ motor – a rise of more than a fifth – which is the equivalent of adding an Audi RS3 hot hatch to the equation.

Fully fuelled, the kerb weight will be in the region of 1,340kg, which is on par with a Ford Fiesta. 

The Bolide’s uprated motor also has 247bhp more than Chiron super sport 300, which for a short period was unofficially classed as the fastest road car on the planet.

From a standing start it will hit 62mph in 2.2 seconds. To 124mph it takes just 4.4 seconds, while 186 comes up in 7.4 seconds.

Keep your foot planted and it will knock on the door of 249mph in 12.1 seconds after starting from zero, and 311mph can be achieved 20.2 seconds after it the car was at a complete standstill.

In total, it generates 800kg of downforce at 200mph at the front, and the massive rear spoiler creates 1,800kg at the rear – the equivalent of having a family-size saloon car parked on the backside.

Inside, it’s a stripped-down racer, with minimally padded carbon-fibre bucket seats, a steering wheel strewn in buttons and switches and a single digital instrument cluster to give the driver relevant information at a glace, including speed, gear selection, revs and lap intervals.

Bugatti says it shares its DNA with the brand’s Type 35 racer from the roaring ’20s, picturing the Bolide next to the vintage machine as well as a one of the EB110 works endurance racers from the 1990s.

Bugatti’s boss described the driving sensation as ‘like riding on a cannonball’.