McLaren Speedtail crashes at Fuji Speedway

A spiritual successor to the fastest naturally aspirated supercar, the McLaren Speedtail is a rare three-seat machine.

At an event organised at Fuji Speedway in Japan for all things McLaren, the owner of the new Speedtail brought his hybrid supercar to have a bit of fun on the famous race track located near Mount Fuji. Let’s just say he’ll want to forget this event as soon as possible as he somehow crashed his prized possession.

Both the driver and passenger got out of the wrecked car safe and sound.

It is believed this is just one of the three Speedtails for Japan, all of which are painted in white. As a refresher, the fastest McLaren ever in terms of top speed costs a hefty £1.1 million in the United Kingdom before options. Lets hope he had track day insurance.