The 100kg Gordon Murray T.50 Carbon Tub

The first carbon tub has since arrived at Gordon Murrays workshop, It’s a thing of beauty, tipping the scales at around 100kg – roughly comparable to McLaren Automotive’s MonoCage.

Gordon Murray is a fan of light practical sports cars. And its showing in the Low weight theme for the T.50. The monocoque and the carbon fibre body panels which will clad it collectively tip the scales at just 150kg. The Cosworth-built, 3.9-litre N/A engine weighs just 178kg meanwhile, 60kg less than the S/70 BMW V12 used by the McLaren F1. All told, the T.50 will weigh 980kg – similar to a Lotus Elise

See more from a YouTube video GMA have released.

Posted by John Holmes