On This Day: Fast Eddie Born

On this day in 1965 one of Formula One’s more colourful characters, Eddie Irvine was born in Newtownards, Northern Ireland. His career promised much but after coming within two points of the world title in 1999 with Ferrari, it fizzled out.

Irvine’s had quite a few “classic” moments (to many to go through now) here’s a couple:

Japan 1993

Qualifying 8th and finishing 6th in his first Grand Prix. During the race he unlapped himself after being lapped by Senna. Twice! After which he made headlines by being punched by Senna in the Jordan paddock.

“When Senna took a swing at me I thought, ‘Here’s a few quid coming”.

Milan, Italy August 1997

When having a few pints in a bar in Milan, he was asked how he gets on with his Brazilian girlfriend, which has been asked a lot since she speaks hardly any English and they have never been seen talking. His reply? “I get on fine with her, she’s a bit thick and she’s not great looking, but fuck me, she’s dynamic in bed”.

Here’s to you Eddie!