Hennessey Venom F5 2020 Debut

John Hennessey has this time built his car from the ground up, including the engine and carbon chassis.

The F5 hypercar will pack a 1600bhp twin-turbo V8 and weighing in at 1338kg this thing is gonna fly.

A full carbon fibre body produced in house will have a drag coefficient of 0.33.

A paddle-shift, single-clutch seven-speed gearbox is used, the car is obviously rear-wheel drive. 

0-62mph time has not been revealed.

0-186mph will come in less than 10 seconds.

The company plans to break the 0 – 400kph – 0 record comfortably, predicting a time of under 30 seconds.

This would mean smashing the Bugatti and Koenigsegg records.

Just 24 examples will be made at £1.2 million each.

Posted by John Holmes