10 Gifts to get a Petrol Head

December is finally upon us and tis the season to buy that special someone in your life a gift or two based on their obsession – cars and motorsport. Whether their into road cars, track cars or a race cars, they probably love cars and motorsport more than they love you. So here’s our list of 10 gifts to buy the petrol head in your life.

Heel Tread socks

Heel Tread Socks, a nice little stocking filler. Everybody needs socks so why not buy some car related ones for the petrol head in your life. If they don’t like them because you got the wrong make or colour you can always wear them yourself. Price £9.00 ($11.00)

Hesketh Racing T-Shirt

Another little stocking filler. Hesketh Racing t-shirt. This ones for the fans of the legendary James Hunt and Lord Hesketh. If you’re a fan of when playboys ruled the world then this t-shirt is for you! Its all about Hunt and Hesketh! Price £28.00 ($37.18)


If you’re partner, son, daughter, mum, dad, granddad or whoever is lucky enough to own a car and space to work on it, then tools are a must! Its doesn’t matter what you get them all tools are always used eventually. If you don’t know where to start a socket set is a good idea. Price £57.54 ($76.41)

Driving Experience

A great gift for the petrol head who has probably had to put their family first and buy a sensible car. A driving experience day lets them drive a super car with the thought that one day, when their kids are grown up that they will be one step closer to living the dream! Price £89.00 ($118.19)

Track Day

Perfect for any petrol head you cant go wrong with a track day. They can enjoy themselves all day long in the comfort of their own car blasting around their favourite circuit. £120 – £500 ($159 – $664)

Porsche Carrera model engine kit

If your a Porsche fan boy or girl or just into your engineering then this model engine is for you. Its a working model of the 547 Porsche Carrera racing engine. The model consist of 300 parts which you put together and build yourself. Any mechanic or engineer will love building this for their coffee table. Price £175.00 ($232.40)

Driver Tuition

An amazing gift for any enthusiastic petrol head who wants to hone their skills behind the wheel. This is a must for anyone wanting to get better lap times and gain some valuable experience. A good thing about a driving tuition day is you don’t have to put mileage on your own car and you learn how to drive a proper drivers car like a lotus. Price £499

Signed Goodies

A cool idea for any F1 fan. These F1 signed memorabilia items are for sale online at the signaturestore.com. They’ve got helmets, gloves, models and a lot more online for sale. All signed by F1 drivers. Get your loved one a piece of motor racing history before its gone. Price POA

Tickets to the British Grand Prix

What could be more enjoyable than a couple of tickets to the British Grand Prix in 2021. You get to see your favourite F1 drivers at the legendary home of British Motorsport. Prices from £195 Each ($258.96)

Rolls Royce Pursuit Seat

This ones for the Bernie Ecclestone’s of the world. Made by British car manufacturer Rolls Royce. The Pursuit Seat is a carbon fibre, aluminium and leather seat. Its made to perfection, the only way Rolls Royce knows how and is built for the outdoors. If you buy this Christmas gift for your petrol head then i don’t think you’ll want to gift it. However when you see the price you’ll probably never want to sit on it either. Price £6500 ($8632)

Posted By John Holmes