The Drivers Helmet Size Guide

Measuring your head and finding your perfect size helmet has never been easier.

Measuring your head correctly to find the perfect size helmet is very important, but its something that can be done at home or in the office.

Below find the perfect size helmet with our helmet measurement guide.

Measure your head with a flexible tape measure around your forehead. Keeping the flexible tape level.

Once you know your measurement in cm then you can choose what size helmet will suit your head.

ARAI Helmet Size Guide

  • 51-52 cm XX SMALL
  • 53-54 cm EXTRA SMALL
  • 55-56 cm SMALL
  • 57-58 cm MEDIUM
  • 59-60 cm LARGE
  • 61-62 cm EXTRA LARGE
  • 63-64 cm XX LARGE

BELL Helmet Size Guide

  • 57-58 cm SMALL
  • 58-59 cm MEDIUM
  • 60-61 cm LARGE
  • 61-62 cm EXTRA LARGE

STILO Helmet Size Guide

  • 53-54 cm X SMALL
  • 55-56 cm SMALL
  • 57-58 cm MEDIUM
  • 59 cm LARGE
  • 60 cm LARGE PLUS
  • 61 cm EXTRA LARGE

The FIA recognises the following helmet standards:

Below is a list from the FIA’s technical list No.25 that recognises all the current helmet standards.

Standard UsedValidityTo be used with FHRTo be used without FHR
FIA 8860-2018No ExpiryYesYes
FIA 8860-2018 ABPNo ExpiryYesYes
FIA 8860-2010Not Valid After 31.12.2028YesYes
FIA 8860-2010 & Snell SA2010Not Valid After 31.12.2028YesYes
FIA8860-2004Not Valid After 31.12.2020YesYes
FIA 8859-2015No ExpiryYesYes
Snell SA2020 & FIA 8859-2015No ExpiryYesYes
Snell SA2015 & FIA 8859-2015No ExpiryYesYes
Snell SA2010 & FIA 8858-2002Not Valid After 31.12.2023YesYes
Snell SA2010 & FIA 8858-2010Not Valid After 31.12.2023YesYes
Snell SAH2010 & FIA8858-2010Not Valid After 31.12.2023YesYes
Snell SA2010Not Valid After 31.12.2023NoYes
Snell SAH 2010Not Valid After 31.12.2023NoYes
Snell SA2015Not Valid After 31.12.2023NoYes

Posted by John Holmes